Hovsepyan's Berk of Etchmiadzin x Teter of Lil Hill

At first glance of a gampr,  we fell in love.  After more than three years of waiting we brought home Hava.  She is our farm boss and queen.  She is loving, submissive to her humans and highly in tune with the emotions of her people and her goats.  She has zero tolerance for strangers coming near her herd  yet polite, but watchful, if outside of her area. She is our goat midwife,  human and goat kid babysitter, and still has time to keep air and ground predators out of her field.

Hava was tested as 100% Gampr, not a carrier & free of all 175+, genetic health conditions tested for by Embark Vet.

EMBARK DNA  Breed + Health Testing Results

AGCA Physical Assessment 98% - See Below

AGCA Working Evaluation 97% - See Below

Armenian gampr Hava
Watching over her herd
2018 litter of gampr puppies
2018 gampr puppy litter in Mississippi
Armenian gampr Hava
Armenian Gampr, Hava
Hava, LGD on watch
Hava, Armenian gampr in Mississippi
Hava among her Nigerian Dwarf goats
Armenian gampr adult Hava
Hava 2018, litter of 8
LGD On patrol
As a 3mo baby gampr puppy
Hava's father Berk
Hava's mother Teter