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Tribble Hill Farm Co - About Us

Our farm life started with sickness.  Having beat cancer, we moved to the country to raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for the benefits of their milk and to live a slower-paced life.  We bought our 1930's home in Greenwood Springs, MS., and spend our spare time renovating.

We have a beautiful herd of some of the finest animals in the country and are proud to be their caretakers.  No herd is complete without protection, so we added the most impressive livestock guardian dog, the Armenian Gampr.  They protect our fields, are fiercely protective of our children, and are our closest companions. 

Our Home

We purchased our 1930s home several years ago and have been remodeling since. It had four bedrooms, two baths, living, kitchen, dining, breakfast room, laundry closet, and root cellar. Since then, we have rearranged the floor plan and changed it to suit our family's needs.


We now have six bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, large kitchen, and will add a new master bath and closet, laundry room, large pantry, guest bath, and more square footage onto one of the bedrooms.


Our current project is the addition of a pool and a 1420 square foot pool house. The pool house and new raised bed potager garden will be complete this spring.

Our Home
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