Tribble Hill Farm Co - About Us

Our farm life started with sickness.  Having beat cancer, we moved to the country to raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for the benefits of their milk and to live a slower paced life.  We bought our 1930's home in Greenwood Springs, MS. and spend our spare time renovating.

Goats took over our lives in a positive way and we proudly maintain a herd of about fifty.  We have a beautiful blend of some of the finest bloodlines in the country and are proud to be their caretakers.  No herd is complete without protection, however, so we added the most impressive livestock guardian breed, the Armenian Gampr.  Not only do they protect our fields but they are fiercely protective of our children and of course, are our closest companions. 

Our Home

We purchased our 1930's home a few years ago and have been remodeling since. It had 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, living, kitchen, dining, breakfast room, laundry closet and root cellar. Since then things have changed to suit the needs of our family.


We have painted, replaced most fixtures and all the appliances, removed a few walls, relocated some doorways and changed the floor plan somewhat. We now have 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room and large kitchen.


Outside, new fencing has been installed and a very convenient walkway built between the paddocks that opens up to a separately fenced outdoor space for us humans. 

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Other THFco pets

In addition to our goats and gamprs, we  have Pekingese for snuggles, Swedish Flower Hens for eggs, barn kitties for rodent control and a 14 year old yorkie.

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