Gasparyan's Swinx of Maisyan x Lil Hill Hava

From our litter in 2018 came Hasmik, even though it was extremely hard to choose which puppy would stay.  She was a content, quiet girl that preferred to live amongst her goats.  She has turned into a beautiful adult and the same still holds true; Hasmik has a fabulous temperament and keeps our buck paddock safe.  She keeps busy with her role of puppy mentor and babysitter to sponsored imports and our young dogs 

Embark genetic - Results

OFA CHIC Certified - Results

Hasmik with baby Aza
Hasmik and a few of her bucks
Hasmik and mother Hava
Hasmik with her bucks
Hasmik on duty
Puppy Hasmik
Mother, Hava with Hasmik & siblings
Father Swinx and sister Red