SAF Parik's Chalo of Karvachar x SAF Parik's Maral of Karvachar


Sose was born in Karvachar, a beautiful area in Artsakh, which was lost to the violence and aggression in the fall of 2020 against the Armenian people.  The attacks resulted in families fleeing for their lives, including the shepherd of these dogs.  Many families were able to escape with only the clothes they were wearing, others managed to save some personal belongings.  Most however were not capable of transporting their livestock or dogs which resulted in the majority of  our gamprs being lost forever.  We are thankful that this shepherd was able to quickly move his family to safety and that he had the means to save his magnificent dogs as well. 


Pups and parents relocated to a small village in west Armenia where the pups finished growing up with three other litters, while awaiting their flight to the US.  Sose and siblings were imported to the US as essential genetics for the Armenian Gampr Club of America's conservation program to save the breed.  She is not related to any dogs in the US/CAN beyond her two siblings:  one sister in VA and a brother in GA.  

We are very excited to have Sose as part of our pack and hearts.

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Armenian gampr Sose
Armenian Gampr Sose
Kura and Sose, puppies in Armenia
Armenian Gampr Sose
Mother: Maral
SIRE: Chalo
Kura, Sose, siblings and friends
Kura, Sose, siblings and friends