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Honey Baby Squash

Honey Baby Squash

Honeybaby squash is a hybrid variety that produces short, wide, lightbulb-shaped golden fruits.  The squash are sweeter and nuttier than other varieties and can grow to be 6 - 7 inches long and weigh 6 to 8 ounces.  Each plant produces about nine squashes but takes up little space due to their compact, 2 - 3 foot long, bush-like growth.  Healthier plants that resisted powdery mildew, growing later into the season than other varieties in the humid south.


Honeybaby was awarded a national All-America Selection for its delicious flavor and space-saving habit. This variety is excellent for all garden types, including pots and grow bags.


Plant next to dill, garlic, parsley, borage, marigolds, mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme, calendula, bee balm, catnip, catmint, zinnias, and snapdragons to repel harmful pests, attract predatory insects and pollinators. Interplant with peas and beans to add nitrogen to the soil and balance pH levels. Squash provides shade to radishes and other small root vegetables. Don't grow next to potatoes or pumpkins.


Starter will be in a 4" reusable nursery pot.

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    Shipping is not available for live plants.

    We will keep your plants thriving until right before it's time for you to plant them in your garden.  Orders will be ready to pick up at our farm in Greenwood Springs, Mississippi, March-May. 

    Orders over $200 can be scheduled for free, front-door delivery to Monroe County, MS. customers.  We'll also have a few delivery drops in North Columbus and Tupelo and are happy to meet customers with any order size at our drop locations.

Ready to pick up in March - May
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