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Fresno Chili Pepper

Fresno Chili Pepper

Fresno peppers were developed in the 1950's by Fresno, California farmer and seed merchant Clarence "Brownie" Hamlin. They are a medium-sized chili with a sweet, fruity, smoky flavor. They're often confused with jalapeños, but Fresno's have thinner walls, mature much faster and are spicier. Heat is comparable to a mild Serrano. 


High yields on this short, upright plant will keep producing until the first freeze. Peppers ripen from green to red. Perfect for salsa, chile oil, stuffed and grilled or roasted, and for making sweet chili sauce. Peppers freeze well whole.


Interplant with basil, marigolds, calendula, onions, garlic, chives, thyme, rosemary, and oregano to improve flavor, increase harvest, repel harmful pests, and attract beneficial insects like bees and ladybugs.


Starter will be in a 4" reusable nursery pot.

  • Pick Up Info

    Shipping is not available for live plants.

    We will keep your plants thriving until right before it's time for you to plant them in your garden.  Orders will be ready to pick up at our farm in Greenwood Springs, Mississippi, March-May. 

    Orders over $200 can be scheduled for free, front-door delivery to Monroe County, MS. customers.  We'll also have a few delivery drops in North Columbus and Tupelo and are happy to meet customers with any order size at our drop locations.

Ready to pick up in March - May
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