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Tatsoi is a leafy green cabbage native to a region near the Yangtze River in Central China and has been cultivated since the 6th century. It is a member of the Brassica rapa family, which also includes turnips. Tatsoi is also known as spinach mustard or spoon mustard and has a very mild spinach-like flavor with a crispy, juicy crunch.


The leaves form beautiful cut-and-come-again rosettes that are 6 - 8 inches. Tatsoi grows fast, even in hot weather.  Use the tender leaves, discarding the stems when they become woody. Use any way you would with spinach or other leafy greens.


Plant with vining beans, peas, or cucumbers, which protect them from the summer heat.  Strawberries and roots like onions, radishes, carrots and beets are friendly companions to leafy greens. Mix lots of flowers and herbs in the bed to ward off insects and attract beneficial ones. Most herbs work well with and compliments leafy greens.


Starter will be in a 4" reusable nursery pot.

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    We will keep your plants thriving until right before it's time for you to plant them in your garden.  Orders will be ready to pick up at our farm in Greenwood Springs, Mississippi, March-May. 

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Ready to pick up in March - May
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