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Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry is a Polish heirloom that produces abundant yields of 1/2" to 3/4" wide fruits encased in a thin, papery husk.  Tomato cages can help support the plants that grow 2 feet tall by several feet wide.


Aunt Molly's ground cherries have a sweet, tangy, citrus flavor with a hint of vanilla, but some describe the flavor as a combination of pineapple and brown sugar. Either way, they are uniquely delicious!


The fruits are an exciting indulgence of individually wrapped, bite-sized little garden candies. They make delicious jams and pies due to the high pectic content or use them fresh in salads, smoothies, and ice cream.


Starter will be in a 4" reusable nursery pot.

  • Pick Up Info

    Shipping is not available for live plants.

    We will keep your plants thriving until right before it's time for you to plant them in your garden.  Orders will be ready to pick up at our farm in Greenwood Springs, Mississippi, March-May. 

    Orders over $200 can be scheduled for free, front-door delivery to Monroe County, MS. customers.  We'll also have a few delivery drops in North Columbus and Tupelo and are happy to meet customers with any order size at our drop locations.

Ready to pick up in March - May
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